Animated Physics - Protons and Neutrons

1. Nucleons - two neutron styles (Down/Up/Down and Down/Down/Up) including spin states and the anti-neutron
(a) Neutron V1(b) Neutron V2 with precession(c) Neutron - SpinFlips and Anti-Neutron
2. Protons - Proton with up spin, down spin and the anti-proton
(a) Proton with up spin (+1/2)(b) Proton with down spin (-1/2)(c) Anti-Proton
3. Beta Decay - A down quark changes to an up quark and through a w-boson (3x10^-25), creates an electron and a anti-electron neutrino
(a) Beta decay over 2.9 attoseconds (10^-18)(b) Over 2.5 zeptosecond (10^-21)(c) Electron over 90 yoctosecond (10^-24)